Upcoming dates

From time to time, and more so in the warmer months :) , we get out and about attending many Markets, Fetes, Festivals and Field Days.  Often we might have a few "specials" and sometimes some "clearances" , end-of-lines etc that aren't advertised or sold any longer on the website.

 At this stage we can be found mainly around Victoria and occasionally just over the borders.

We will try to keep this page as up to date with forthcoming locations and dates.

If you are interested in Felt Fairy attending your event,  please contact us anne@feltfairy.com.au

A lot of our dates are organised quite some time in advance but we're always interested to hear from you. 

Well unfortunately like a lot of the rest of Australia we are subject to lockdowns and other restrictions.  We had booked to do a few events this year but they all ended up being cancelled or so compromised as to make the venture unworkable.

We can advise that as of this writing we ARE looking to do the Oxley Market as well as one in Port Melbourne later this year.  We will update when confirmations are given.

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