• How much is Postage within Australia ?  We will posting our new Postal Structure shortly
  • Are all items available all the time ? We try to maintain a constant stock of all advertised products but from time to time they maybe become unavailable  due to production time constraints. Items may then be back ordered if you choose to wait or you may cancel if you do not.  
  • Where are Felt Fairy felt products made ? We source from a number of suppliers, mainly in Nepal and all are manufactured under Fair Trade.
  • What is the Felt derived from ? It is wool.
  • What are the sizes for Slippers, Shoes and Boots ? All sizes are European Din Shoes sizes
  • I've been to markets and your prices are different to online ? From time to time we do indeed attend markes, festivals and fetes to promote and sell the Felt Fairy range. When we do our prices reflect the nature of markets and are slightly discounted.  At these times you are able to take your purchases with you and no postage or handling cost or effort is required. Prices reflect this. Our online prices , which are still very good  :) , represent a compromise between market pricing and the higher costs involved regarding postage etc. The online pricing is still lower than what it actually costs to despatch items when added to the sale price. We think this is still very good value. We are simply trying to make it less confusing and when buying online what you pay is what you pay, there are NO added costs or surcharges.

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