Mary Mary .......

Anne Snook

....quite contrary how does your garden grow ?? Well, we're super excited to have our new range of "Little Bags of Fun" Like Mary you can have your own garden with our Little Bag of Veggies. Counting more your thing.... then our Little Bag of Numbers !! And where would number be without words......yes, we have a Little Bag of letters too. We hope you will enjoy them just as much as we do :)

and another thing ........

Anne Snook

You just never know what's around the corner or up the hill. Felt Fairy is currently attending a pop up market on Saturdays at Richmond Hill. We have two more lined up and would love to see you all if in the neighbourhood. From this we have been invited to display some of our fabulous felt wares at the House of Handmade ( ) 73 Bridge Road. We're very excited to be participant among so many fantastic offerings.

They come, they go

Anne Snook

In the fashion of mixed feeling  I can announce a new location for a Mini Store. A little space has been found at RuralTech in country Victoria. Like many of our mini-locations we haven't the opportunity to offer everything from our collection but the favourites in Finger Puppets, Fairies, a selection of our Fairy Houses together with mats and of course a great range of the felt animals. We even found a spot for a couple of hats !! But sadly as one door opens another has closed. The building housing Cottage Mart has been sold and we've had to...

Magnificent March

Anne Snook

Well Summer came to an end and the gorgeous colours of Autumn are starting to slowly creep in. And as the seasons change Felt Fairy has been very active also. We're very excited to announce THREE new mini-shops. You can now see and, off course, buy some of our fantastic Felt Fairy range of Fair-Trade, handmade in Nepal, items at the following places. Market 3196  in Chelsea Heights Attic & Barn in Dromana and as of Mon 1st of April  at the Flock of Seagulls Indoor Market in fooling !! AS with change some things come, some go. Sadly...

An exciting 2019 ahead

Richard Snook

Hello to all our Felt FairyLanders

We hope you've all had a very Merry Christmas and are about to welcome in the New Year in style. Have a fantastic and safe time doing so.